Robots Stealing Unicorns, Meth-Testing Spice, And A Dystopian Russian Future

Who needs late night TV when you have Sci-Fi car chases, chemicals and giant octopi right here...

The Gift

There is waaay too much cool stuff going on in this short Sci-Fi film for it to be a sub-five minute film. Nevermind the whole Half-Life dystopian Russian future (aka Putin's next permanent term in office), the cybernetic butlers, brutal car chases or murky murder plot — this has real unicorns! Travel-sized ones that can totally fit in overhead luggage compartments no less!

Forensic Scientists Discuss How They Test for Syntethic Marijuana

Given the amount of shit they mix into Spice, it's not altogether surprising that authorities test its chemical composition the same way they test meth and cocaine. And this stuff is a preferred alternative to real weed why again, Idaho? [KIVI via @weedbusts]

The Stunt-Double Drugs That Hollywood Actors Take on Camera

"Fake" drugs. Riiiiiiiiiight.

The Tale of How

...To Get Your Dodo Colony Eaten By Giant Octopi

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