Real Lasers On Real Sharks

Last week, a company called Wicked Lasers promised to attach lasers to sharks if enough people Liked the idea on Facebook. They did. It happened. It is awesome.

What you see before you is a 50-milliwatt green laser on a lemon shark. It was rather bravely put there by marine biologist Luke Tipple off the coast of the Bahamas, explains Wired.

It was fastened to the shark's dorsal fin using a non-invasive clamp, so no sharks were harmed in the making of this photo. According to Tipple, the lemon shark was chosen for its "predictable and relatively docile swimming behaviour during the day, ease of access in shallow water, and size of the dorsal fin." That meant they were able to keep track of the fish, and even remove the laser at the end of the day.

But is it really worthy of being an exotic toy of a super villain? Sadly not. Tipple explains:

"The laser we were using wasn't strong enough to cause ocular or thermal damage to other sea life."

Pff, some use then, eh? In fact, many detractors have claimed that the whole thing was a bit of a frivilous waste of time -- which is kind of hard to argue against. But still: lasers! On sharks! [Wired]

Images: What We Do Media


    bu..bu..but they aren't mounted on their Fricken' heads!

    It was only funny as a saying - now they've actually done it it isn't funny at all, attaching stuff to a living animal just for the amusement of humans.

      I am 100% with you bud. It's a sad state of affairs when a company thinks that a joke from an austin powers movie would be cool to do to real life sharks. Completely pointless, ridiculous and a giant waste of time.

    I'll agree with that only because shark fin soup is quite delicious. On the other hand what has a shark done to you that you should hate them so much that you want them dead. Try diving with them, its amazing they are the big cats of the sea. Surely you don't wish all tigers, lions, etc dead too?

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