Psystar Case Finally Closes. Wait… Psystar Was Still Running?

Remember Psystar? Offered significantly cheaper but legally unsound Mac clones a few years back, and then backed it up by taking Apple on in the legal arena? That was never going to end well, but what's surprising is that it's only just ended. MacRumors reports that Psystar's final legal appeal at the US Supreme Court level has been rejected, because the court has declined to review the appelate court ruling that upheld a ban on Psystar selling Mac clones.

What I find interesting here is that there's still no particular clear reason why Psystar persisted this long — there's the suggestion that it only ever sold a few hundred clone Macs — or who funded the whole escapade. Four years of lawyer's fees isn't likely to have been cheap. [Macrumors]

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