Not-So-Smartphones: What's The Worst Thing You've Ever Done To A Phone?

A complete stranger nearly — very, very nearly — destroyed my phone the other day. That got me thinking. Plenty of phones die a rather unnatural death, and really, I've been lucky — but what's the worst you've ever done to a phone? So, I was walking down the street in Sydney's CBD the other day — it was while I was testing the HTC One XL — listening to some music as I went, as was my wont. Sydney's streets are busy even in their quiet times, and the bloke in the pinstripe suit simply barged past me (as Sydney's pedestrians are also, sadly, rather wont to do), catching the cord of my headphones with his elbow as he did.

That was enough to send the iPhone 4S I was listening to music on crashing to the ground. I was lucky; it was in a case that took most of the brunt of the impact, leaving it shatter-free. Still, a degree or two of difference, and it could have been much worse. That's when it struck me that I've been pretty lucky with smartphones to date; I've bounced a few of them off the pavement, but never killed one that way.

The thing is, I know I'm in the minority there; I see plenty of people struggling with broken phones, and there's a rather solid business in phone repairs or just outright replacement. What's the worst you've ever done to a phone, and what did you do to fix it?

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