Nokia Lumia 900, Lumia 610 Hit Australia In June

So Giz hit up the Nokia preview event in Sydney tonight, and there’s lots of news to share. Alex will have more hands-on thoughts for you in the morning, but for the moment, here’s what we’ve learnt...

The Lumia 900 arrives in June from Optus for $0 upfront on the $60 plan -- but you’ll also be able to pick it up off contract for $699 from retailers. The prepaid entry-level Lumia 610 is also just a few weeks away; arriving first on Boost Mobile in pink and blue ($329 to buy the phone). Vodafone will follow up with the black Lumia 610 in July.

About that 4G thing: the Lumia 900 will only be HSDPA+ in Australia (though that still promises improved 3G access). Apparently only AT&T in the US and Rogers Canada get the LTE model. You still get that 4.3-inch AMOLED screen, 1.4GHz processor, front-facing camera. Not all of the four colours will be available from all operators/retailers.

Another surprise (at least to me): the 3.7-inch Lumia 610 won’t have NFC in Australia. I’m told that feature is limited to the Orange France model, and really, I guess I shouldn’t be surprised given it is indeed a lower-priced phone.

Soon Nokia will have the Lumia 900, 800, 710 and 610 in Australia. That’s quite a spread and the phones look amazing. I can’t help but glance a little sideways to the HTC Titan II 4G at the high-end, but hey, isn’t choice in Windows Phones grand.



    Excellent work Nokia, leading the charge for Windows Phones.

      This, though really the Lumia phones should have more than 16GB of memory, that sole fact prevents me from upgrading my Focus.

        32GB phones won't arrive till Windows Phone 8. WHy? I have no idea.. I double WP7 has restrictions on limits, but I think it's because cloud based storage is becoming such a focus for Microsoft that it makes up for the lack of storage (or rather the extra storage)

          I don't get why they dont release this phone outside of japan.

    what about the 808?? shouldn't this be out by then? much better than the windows phone phones

      “Our smartphone focus in Australia and New Zealand is Nokia with Windows Phone, which we believe is the best fit for Australians and Kiwis"

        Did they specifically confirm that again last night?

    610 looks better than the 710 IMO :)

      Yep. It's just so *cute*!

      looks better, but you pay for it with the Tango nurf (if you intend to play lots of games etc)

    I was battling to choose between the lumia 900 and the titan II.
    Guess their choice to go with Optus and no lte for the 900 means its the titan II for me!
    No way am i paying $60 a month to optus. Mediocre performance at BEST (in Perth at least).
    Jeez, i can get a 4G Android phone on Telstra for $59 a month!
    Disappointing to see a great phone being let down by a poor (in my opinion) carrier.

      I was wanting the 900, but only with a telstra 4g connection. Now looking to the Titan II, but its not listed on the Telstra site! My contract is up in a week and I want a new toy!!

        Rumours are that its going to be announced some time this week (maybe not....) and then launched sometime text month.


    699 for the Lumia 900, hmm. Need a job ASAP. Also any word on Telstra getting it? All I saw was Optus, or will other retailers be carrying an unlocked version?

    I am on Optus in Perth. Regular download speeds are above 1 m/bit sec and same for upload in Hills and 1.5 m/bits download in Leederville. If I want better than that I just connect to home or work wifi.
    The 800 is just outstanding in performance and ease of use. I have an Andriod Xoom tablet with 3.1 and I did have an iPhone4s. My wife now has the iPhone4s :-) - I am happy

    A review of Lumia 900 gave an inclusion that the 900 is not much better off the 800, and advised people to get the 800 instead. I'm still waiting for Vodafone to have the white 800. Don't know if they will. I can take the 800 first and wait a few months for the Galaxy S III price going down then get it.

    Still confused as to why telstra is not into the Lumia 900? Surley the telstra network would be better this phone. I have no wish to change to optus.

    I am currently on a terrible 3/Vodafone contract with one of the older 3gs iPhones. I can't wait to get rid of the phone and the carrier in August. It is disappointing that Telstra at this stage will not be carrying the Nokia Lumia 900.
    Should I go for the Lumia 800 or the Titan II?
    BTW I too won't go to Optus. You only have to turn your head and you loose reception.

      I'm also on a 3/voda contract with an iPhone 4 which expires in 3 or so months and while I dont think 3/voda is that bad I would love to switch to telstra. The Lumia 800 really doesnt offer anything new for me besides the OS. The Titan II on the other hand has a better camera, larger screen and 4G, although it will be more expensive.

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