New Logitech Solar-Powered Keyboard Switches Between All Your Apple Devices

If you’re an owner of Apple products, you know that the Apple Wireless Keyboard is pretty damn solid, but switching between multiple devices requiring the thing is a hassle. Logitech’s latest creation not only allows you to switch between three separate devices on the fly, but it’s also entirely solar-powered.

Designed for Macs, iPads and iPhones, the K760 Solar Wireless Keyboard comes complete with Apple-specific keys, such as command and eject. Switching between devices is as simple as hitting one of three keys, each assigned to a device. When fully charged, the keyboard is expected to last three months with regular use. And charging isn’t limited to sunlight; indoor light sources work as well.

As far as design and build quality go, the plastic construction admittedly is not the beautiful slab of aluminium that is the official Apple keyboard. But that’s not to say it’s bad. And the convenience factor of the fast-switching and the solar charging gives this little thing an appeal that — on paper, at least — trump the aesthetics of the Apple keyboard.

Expect to see the Logiteck K760 Solar Wireless Keyboard pop up in stores in June for $US80. [Logitech]