Modern Man Tries To Build 3500-Year-Old Boat From The Bronze Age And Fails

A team of people from 2012 tried to re-create and build a boat from 1550 BC, the Bronze Age, but failed spectacularly. When the ship was lowered into the ocean, it immediately filled with water and started sinking. Yikes, we suck.

The team was made up of British archaeologists and craftsmen who have been hammering away and building the boat with Bronze Age tools and methods for the past three months. The boat it was based on used oak planks sewn together with yew lashings. It sounds like a wonderful project, right? Let's see how the building chops of modern men stack up with ancient techniques! Sadly, we embarrassed ourselves.

The boat, which is a half-sized replica of the original Bronze Age boat found in Dover back in 1992, didn't even have anybody in it when it was lowered into the harbour, yet it had to be lifted out of the water immediately. The team even popped champagne at the launch but will now go back and patch the boat up to see if they can at least get it to stay afloat. Good luck! [Kent Online UK, BBC]


    Somehow I don't think Bronze Age Man would have nailed it first time either. I reckon ole Bronzie would have had a few failures before he got his boat to float. Just sayin.

      Perhaps the bronze age people used a sealant that has long since decomposed and is untraceable today?

    Fair point, but bronze age man didnt have a replica to base his on. Or not that I know of anyway.

    what a moron,
    boats like this one must stay underwater for 6 months to let the wood expend.Everyone know that !

      that sounds awefully familure

        What a pisser!!

    Well an archaeologist isn't necessarily an expert a boat builder... get that team to build a modern car, or a medieval castle, I'm sure you'll be met with varying levels of success that you would be a fricken imbecile to apply to all the rest of modern humanity.

    You know all that time this guy spent learning to read, learning about history, mathematics, science, the arts, playing games, possibly travelling?

    His bronze age competition spent all that time making boats. People back then had one job, one field of experience, that they spent their lifetime learning how to become a mediocre tradesman; everything else was a distraction. Then at an age between 40-60 or so, he likely would have become virtually crippled through combinations of malnutrition, disease, over-work, and violence. He would then die, or be supported as a burden by his family, if he's lucky.

    I think considering how little experience this guy has in making boats (relatively speaking, I assume he wasn't raised in a family of boat builders, to be a boat builder from age 5): Good effort!

    I clicked the play button. Not a play button. Fail.

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