Mitt Romney's New App Misspells America

Mitt Romney's new iPhone app, With Mitt, "lets you customise photos with a variety of Mitt-inspired artistic frames." Slogans like "Believe in America," "Obama Isn't Working" and "I'm a mum for Mitt" are just a few of the Mitt-tastic phrases that can be slapped on iPhone photos, proudly pronouncing an iPhone user's support of the Republican candidate. Unfortunately, there's a hideous spelling error in there. Hello, Mitt's A-M-E-R-C-I-A. Support illiteracy now!

Much to the delighted displeasure of Twitter, one particular frame option betrays Romney's secret agenda working toward bettering a place known as Amercia. In Australia, we can afford to laugh delightedly at this stuff-up. But ask yourself: do you think accurate spelling is on the top of Bob Katter's agenda?


    Bob Katter's Ausgaylia?

    Maybe he is implying the CIA is making the USofA better?

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      What an incredibly stupid thing to say.

        and wrong.

        It's a quote from the dictator mate, chill out.

        You're an idiot; it was clearly satirical.

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    You would think with 90% of them being so painfully patriotic that America would have been one of the first words they were taught how to spell.

    Ah... stereotypes, don't you just love 'em.

    My dyslexia made me take a few extra seconds to figure out it was a letter arranged incorrectly thing, as opposed to wrong missed letters :/

    America is the continent. Their country is called United States. It should say A Better United States.

      Amercia is short for United States of America

      Derp Patsy tried to be smart and failed.

    That's great news. My last Amercia was a bit crappy so a better one would be good.
    Will it be Amercia 2.0? Who's making it? When will it ship? How much in $A?
    BTW wasn't Mercia a place in the english midlands 1500 years ago - ah, I see what he's up to...

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