Marvel Creates Deaf Superhero So Little Boy Will Wear His Hearing Aid

Marvel Comics has a new character with a unique inspiration -- a little boy. Four-year-old comic book fan Anthony Smith was born without a right ear and only partial hearing in his left. He needs the help of a hearing aid. But one morning he woke up and told him mum he didn't want to wear it anymore. Why? Because superheroes don't wear hearing aids, he declared.

Perturbed, Smith's mother emailed comics giant Marvel, inquiring about characters that might have share Anthony's struggle. The next day, they presented him with a picture of a hero called Hawkeye, who also sports a hearing aid. And they went even further, inventing a brand-new hero based on Anthony named "Blue Ear," the same moniker Anthony and his mum have always used for his hearing apparatus. They sent him a drawing, and he was so encouraged that he's been keeping his hearing aid in ever since. Kind of makes you want to give the guys at Marvel a big ol' hug. [Fox -- Thanks @KoryFerbet!]


    Nice, very nice.

    Here's a pic:

    This is awesome! Good stuff, Marvel!

    Should team up with daredevil

    Wait...Hawkeye wears a hearing aid now? When did that happen?

      Ever since Hawkeye 1-4 when he had to use a sonic arrow to defeat crossfire - just before he married mockingbird. I've got the graphic novel.

        So what you're saying is that Hawkeye isn't hearing impaired at all, he just uses the hearing-aid-like device to improve his natural hearing ability? If that's what was already part of Hawkeye's history before this mum contacted Marvel, then that's a pretty awesome response to the mum's email -- that wearing the hearing aid doesn't have to be about having a disability.


    Marvel - Proving little kids wrong since 2012.

      No... I see what Marvel did when they named themselves Marvel though.

    I'd bet it has more to do with being cumbersome and annoyng, and uncomfortable if not painful to wear...and less to do with using the first excuse that came into the kids head when he needed to reason with an adult but wasn't old enough to know how to.

    Make a better device.

      My brother refused to wear them, he found the vibration it caused to be an annoying distraction. He'd rather not perceive the noise around him... He's still kicking, 30 years later though... Though not all that smart and very, very easy to sneak up on and startle.

    They're uncomfortable, but given the alternative is no hearing... Oh and Betlog, please feel free to design something better! Damn, I wish I'd been born in the USA and chucked a fuss when I had to start wearing hearing aids. Might've got a comic myself :P

    What a nice feel good story. A great mum who went to all the effort of trying to get in touch with Marvel (and we all know that most mums are superheroes in their own right anyway), Marvel responding as well as creating a new hero inspired around a 4 year old.

    Warm and fuzzy , Warm and FUZZY

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