Mark Zuckerberg Will Cash In For A Billion Dollars When Facebook Goes Public

Zuck! You ol' devil. As part of Facebook's upcoming IPO you're going to sell 30.2 million shares at a price somewhere between $US28 billion and $US35 billion, which we'll just call a billion dollars because it's a nice big round impressive number. Congrats! At least someone's going to be getting rich off this thing.

Oh, and sorry to any and all power-mad technophiles out there; Zuck's still holding onto 57.3 per cent of the company. Or, if you prefer, another billion-plus dollars just waiting to be sold. [Business Insider]


    Like they say "good guys finish last".

    So shares will be $1000 each?

    Too many privacy issues with Facebook.
    Conversely you would have to be an idiot
    to put your life on any social network site.

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