Mark Zuckerberg Betrayed Facebook's Co-Founder In This Email

According to that movie from 2010, Justin Timberlake persuaded Mark Zuckerberg to screw his friend (and Facebook cofounder) Eduardo Saverin out of the company. Here's the cutthroat email fact behind the movie fiction.

SAI acquired emails between Zuckerberg and his lawyer from "a well-placed source", discussing the consequences of unceremoniously booting Saverin out of the company he'd helped create -- the company that will go public this Friday at an estimated value of $US100 billion. The damning message from Zuck is below:


This email should probably be attorney-client privileged, not quite how to do that though.

Anyhow, Sean and I have agreed that a price of one-half cent per share is the way to go for now. We think we can maybe almost justify and if not, we'll just deal with it later.

We also agreed that if the company bonusing us the amount we need for the shares, plus tax, is a good solution to the problem of us all being completely broke.

As far as Eduardo goes, I think it's safe to ask for his permission to make grants. Especially if we do it in conjunction with raising money. It's probably even OK to say how many shares we're adding to the pool. It's probably less OK to tell him who's getting the shares, just because he might have adverse reaction initially. But I think we may even be able to make him understand that.

Is there a way to do this without making it painfully apparent to him that he's being diluted to 10%?

OK, that's all for now. I'll send you the list of grants I need made in another email in a second. Sean can send you grants for his people when he stops coughing up his lungs.

Hope you guys both feel better,


Emphasis added. Zuck clearly knew what he was doing -- turning Saverin's role in the company into a microscopic one by issuing a huge bundle of new shares that would make Saverin's stake near-worthless, and eliminate his partial control over Facebook. It was one of tech history's most infamous coups.

Saverin, of course, did "have adverse reaction" to the ouster and sued Facebook, a legal retaliation that netted him a small piece of the company that'll soon be worth around $US5 billion -- enough for him to renounce his US citizenship (and tax obligation) and move to Singapore. So, really, it's had to feel bad for anyone involved here. There are no billionaire victims. [SAI]



    bill gates tried this with paul allen whilst he had cancer

    Um sean parker did the convincing, timberlake is an actor. Perhaps if you used photos of real people not actors that pretend to be them you would get a little less confused ;-)

      Umm I'm not sure what you are getting at, are you trying to be funny? or can you not realise that when he said Justin Timberlake persuaded Mark that it was a joke. I don't know I hate the internet sometimes, people are stupid.

        Sweeping generalisation based off one isolated incident. Are you sure it's "people" are stupid?

        Also most people are Chinese. So saying people are stupid is racist.


          You're incredibly retarted
          Either that, or you 12

    This is one of the reasons why nobody should trust FB and especially not with any content they post to FB.

    Wow! He did this to his 'friend'. Imagine what he is doing with your data...

    There are no billionaire victims

    agreed. i would be happy with 10% of his claim :)

    Why do all those people use FaceBook? Its like rewarding a bastard (ie. Zucker) for being a Dirty F*cker

      nag nag nag nag

      Very valid question you have.

        Cos all the chicks are on it.
        QED, case closed and court fuckin' dismissed yer honour.

    Hey guys, I have a brilliant idea! If you don't like Zuckerberg, or Facebook, don't use it?
    Stop trying to convince people to not use it. For many people it makes their lives a little bit easier, by keeping in touch with friends and family, which for me, living over 800ks away from a lot of my family and friends, is good.

    God damn elitist idiots.

      That there are people that think FB is great does not belay the fact that the founder is unscrupulous and as such, one should be extremely wary of what info one chooses to post. Its only right that people be forewarned.

      On the contrary you are probably the idiot in this regard.

    OOOOOOHH.... so Facebook has some of my info? I'M SCARED
    Big bloody deal - an email address, name, phone number, address, and some other useless info...
    Every other company I use is the same - eBay, PayPal, YouTube, Twitter, iTunes, XBox live.... plus my bank, my ISP, my phone carrier and every other website or forum ive signed up to....
    If you are anti Facebook, why don't you go and invent something better that's free.... before Facebook destroys the whole world!!!

      Indeed. Facebook only has the information you give it...

        Mmhmm, and the info your friends give it about you doesn't count. See also: photo tagging, mentioning people in status updates and my all-time favourite, profile interpolation! The latter makes playing "guess my age, sex, location, interests, undeclared friends, past workplaces and schools almost too easy to find out, just by guessing you're a lot like your friends.

    Steve Jobs was just as evil... it seems to be a trend, that to have a billion dollar company you have to lie, cheat and steal from your friends and coworkers..

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