London Bridge Dons LED Gown For Queen's Diamond Jubilee

2012 marks the 60th year of Queen Elizabeth II's reign — her diamond anniversary as monarch of the British Commonwealth. Ahead of the celebration for this momentous milestone (as well as the 2012 Olympic Games) crews wreathed London's 117-year-old Tower Bridge in thousands of LED lights.

Crews spent six months designing and installing the new system. They laid nearly 2000 metres of LED linear lights, 1800 LED lamps and 1000 junction boxes running some 5000 metres of cables. Designed by the French firm Citelum, the installations is expected to weather London's weather for the next 25 years with a 40 per cent energy saving over the previous lighting rig. [GE]

The bridge will remain all white like this through the Queen's Diamond Jubilee.


    thats tower bridge not london bridge

      Cool story bro, if you read the article it says Tower Bridge. The heading just says that's a bridge in London, not necessarily "The London Bridge".

        No, the headline says "London Bridge" which is a specific bridge in London, not the one shown, just as "Sydney Harbour Bridge" refers t a specific bridge across Sydney Harbour, not any bridge.

          And if it said London Bridges, you'd assume all bridges in London.

          I'm with Shep. A London Bridge would be better though.

          Sorry, don't agree. It's not the best headline going, but it's not wrong either. If it said "European Bridge Dons LED Gown For Queen’s Diamond Jubilee" would that mean that the bridge is called "The European Bridge"? Of course not.

            You've essentially repeated what you said the first time.

              And you've added nothing, what's your point?

    I wonder what this cost (I know there is a 40% energy savings, but still...)

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