Developers — Lifehacker Wants To Meet You!

Developers — Lifehacker Wants To Meet You!

We staged some great joint Gizmodo/Lifehacker reader meetups last year, and everyone has been asking if they’ll happen again. The answer is YES! This time around Lifehacker is running the show, and the focus is squarely on developers. We’re offering readers with a developer bent the chance to socialise, drink beer, take part in trivia and win some cool prizes. Register now!Image

Thanks to the Windows Azure team at Microsoft, we’ll be staging meetups in four cities this time around:

We’ll be meeting after work (around 6pm) at pubs in or close to the CBD in each city. There’ll be drinks and snacks, geek trivia to stretch your brain, the opportunity to network and the chance to win awesome prizes, both as individuals and in geek trivia teams.

Prizes on offer at our Brisbane, Sydney, Perth and Melbourne meetings include copies of Visual Studio 2012, Microsoft hardware, Xbox Live gift cards and a stack more. If you can’t make it, keep an eye out for our competition where everyone has a chance to win a Nokia Windows Phone 7 smartphone — that will be online soon.

OK, how do I sign up?

Developers — Lifehacker Wants To Meet You!

For these events, we’re looking to developer readers: we want this to be an event where you can network with your peers. To sign up, just head over to the registration form.

See you there!

Get started with Windows Azure by signing up for a free trial here.