LG 'Dropped The Ball' In Smartphones, Plans To Make It Up In 4G

LG's smartphone range has, to date, had some interesting models — but nothing that's been truly captivating, leaving Samsung and Apple to have the really high-end battles. LG, it appears, is well aware of this, and plans to make up the difference in 4G LTE phones — but not this year. In an interview with PC World Australia, LG Australia's Head of Mobile Communications, Ben Glimmerveen is quoted as saying that LG's "behind the game" in smartphones, but that it plans to recapture market position with LTE handsets.

"We were behind the game in smartphones, we dropped the ball," Glimmerveen admitted. "That's a global admission and it's good that we've done that. What we've done now is we've been on the front foot with the next tier of where this telecommunications phase is going which is LTE."

LTE's all well and good — although not always reliable — but Australians are unlikely to see LTE phones before next year, according to Glimmerveen, as the roadmap doesn't call for devices locally until the early part of 2013. What do you reckon? Has LG left it too late to get a real foothold in the high-end smartphone market, or could we see it surge back in 2013? [PC World Australia]

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