Kickstart Monday Morning With New Dr Who

Bleagh… It's Monday morning again, isn't it? I need a pick-me-up. I know what would do me good -- some new Doctor Who to watch. Oh look -- here's some!

OK, it's not like it's a full episode or anything; this is the result of the Script To Screen challenge, which gets UK school kids to work on a functional TV script, with the winning entry being filmed. Still, when I was eight, I made my "own" Doctor Who adventure on videotape, and it wasn't anywhere near as good as this is. [via Topless Robot]


    Very.. very short.. but it's like something that you'd see them do between full episodes.. I always wonder what the characters in TV shows do between the episodes that we see.. all the boring bits that aren't worth "showing".. :) This is not necessarily a "boring bit" but just a very short adventure not worth a full showing of :)

      it's a mini-episode written by schoolkids, and advertised as such.

      What the heck were you expecting?!

    Excelent exept that we all know the doctor's screwdriver can't possibly destry an angel.

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