iOS 5.1.1 Is Out Now

Apple just released iOS 5.1.1 -- mostly consisting of bug fixes -- for all iPhone, iPad and iPod touch owners to consume. You can expect better HDR handling, AirPlay video streaming, and bookmark syncing between Safari and Reading List. Find it in iTunes or under Software Update in your iOS settings. [Apple]


    Funny how for what seems such a minor update it still requires 40.6MB OTA.

      dude, that's not very big. have you seen how much just a desktop browser is? 40mb isn't much.

    And there seems to have been some fiddling with the battery reporting on the "new" iPad. When I started the upgrade it was reporting 97% full and when it finished some minutes later (NOT plugged in as recommended) it was reporting 100%...

      Don't know for sure, but my first guess would be Apple quietly tinkered with the battery reporting after all the recent talk about whether devices are actually fully charged or not (unsure of a link to the article but it was posted here not long ago), seeing as it became more noticed on the new iPad due to the bigger battery.

      That's what we need, for it to say 100% at an even lower "real" percentage.

      97 is the new 100!

        because 100 is too mainstream...97 is a good hipster number...

    They still have not fixed the bug that makes your album artwork disappear when you convert your music to a lower bit rate when syncing. That bug has been there since 5.0.

      I'd say that's an iTunes issue rather than ios.

    Heres hope the battery life is better also, the last update was meant to make it better and made it worse

    I thought these were all 'Features'.

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