Intel: Windows 8 On ARM Is An Uphill Fight

Windows 8 is stirring up a fair deal of controversy for Microsoft. Now, Intel has come out as saying that it thinks that running the new OS on ARM hardware is going to prove difficult.

During an investor meeting, Intel's CEO Paul Otellini pointed out that the heritage of x86 hardware will make support for Windows 8 far, far more straightforward than ARM-powered devices. He explained:

"I think they have a big uphill fight. We have the advantage of the incumbency, advantage of the legacy support. Not just in terms of applications but devices."

The one hiccup in his argument, of course, is that those kinds of legacy requirements are becoming gradually less important as we all shift to using the cloud. [Intel via CNET]

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    "legacy requirements are becoming gradually less important as we all shift to using the cloud"
    Wow that is the stupidest thing a tech writer could have ever said. He was talking in regards to software that works with the x86 architecture as well as things like printer drivers etc. I dont think the cloud can printer my documents for me and i doubt HP/Cannon are going to create drivers for a semi old printer. gun + head... now!

      Not heard of WiFi printers, then? They are not much more expensive than old fashioned printers.

    The cloud can printer your documents to anywhere... you're the stupid

    While Intel has a head start, in my eyes the ARM version may in fact be a bit more streamlined as a result of the x86 based version trying to cater to both the Metro and traditional desktop crowd. It isn't enough to give it the upper hand or anything, but part of me thinks the actual "flow" of the OS will benefit somewhat.

      I assume you've not tried Win8, then? The "flow" is pretty much seamless and I can't see any validity to your suggestion at all.

    I believe the bottom line is that Windows 8 with Intel is going to have to be everybit as good in terms of battery performance and Tablet design form factor as the iPad. If not then it will be Intel who is facing the uphill battle.

      This is exactly my feeling, too. Its Intel that have something to prove, not ARM. However, I do not appreciate the totally irrelevant link at the end of your post and I would hope Gizmodo remove it ASAP.

    Intel are pretty safe for enterprise, but consumers caring about legacy? hahaha. If they cared about legacy they wouldn't be using smartphones and arm tablets for their day to day computing more and more.

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