Hitting The Top Of The App Charts Is 75 Times Harder If It's A Game

There's only so many ways for developers to promote their apps, and one of the best remains the effective visual advertising you get from being at or near the top of the app charts. Research into the US iTunes App Store shows how heavily slanted towards games those charts are.

The obvious disclaimer here is that the figures for the Australian app store could be somewhat different; it's a much smaller market, however. But in the US, according to research from Distomo, if you want to get into the top 25, you're going to need some serious daily downloads if you're a game developer, where you'd need 25,300 free downloads; a little lower for paid games where it's only 22,800.

That dwarfs the other categories by a huge margin; the top weather apps only need to hit 300 downloads, for example. [Distomo via Inside Mobile Apps]

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