Here's The iOS 5.1.1 Jailbreak

iOS 5.1.1 is out now. While it's mostly usability upgrades and bug fixes, you may as well upgrade if you can. As usual, the Redsn0w jailbreak tool is ready pretty much simultaneously, and Redmond Pie has a walkthrough for how to install it.

Like all tethered jailbreaks, you'll have to boot your device into tethered mode every time you restart. If that sounds like a huge pain, maybe hold off for the untethered release, which is usually out a few days later, a week or two at most.

For newer devices, you'll have to wait. The hardware defect in the A4 devices means that the crack can come literally minutes after jailbreak devs get their hands on a new iOS update. But finding a way into the newer devices, like the iPad 2 and the iPhone 4S is a lot tougher and more time consuming. [RedmondPie]


    "maybe hold off for the untethered release, which is usually out a few days later, a week or two at most"

    really? how long has 5.1 been out now?

      I've been wanting to JB my iphone for ages because my iPod touch is pre

    I'm no hacker (I wouldn't know the first thing about jailbreaking a phone) but... why would they quickly jailbreak a new ios update for older devices? Surely the majority of people looking to jailbreak their phone would have a new ipad or 4s...

    Hats off to them for doing what they have done though. Hopefully they will come up with one for the 4s and new ipad soon.

      if i remembered has something to do with an older (i.e. iphone 4 and below) that got something to do with hardware exploit

      it said that whatever update apple comes up with, a jailbreak would be easily made, hence the 4S is harder, since apple did just that...upgrade the hardware

      Read the last paragraph again....

      Agreed, you don't know much.

      The majority of people looking for a jailbreak are people looking to jailbreak their iDevice.

      Considering a lot of people out there are warranty conscious, especially those who just want to get a slight peek out of the walled garden, you'll find there's probably more people out there wanting to jailbreak older devices.

    Not picking a fight, but if you want to jail break an iPhone to let you do more things on it, why not just get an Android phone

      Better apps. Android is harder to develop for

      Why do Android phone users root their phone. Same reason.

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