Gizmodo Asks CliffyB About His Geek Origins

Gizmodo Asks CliffyB About His Geek Origins

Do I really have to introduce CliffyB? Really? Design director for Epic games, developer celebrity and non-stop full-time proud geek? Yeah, that guy. But how did he get his geek start?

Gizmodo is traversing the interwebs to chat with geeky celebrities who we’ve always wanted to meet — for this new series sponsored by developer hub,La La Ninja.

It was a close run thing — we very nearly lost CliffyB to the world of snakes and reptiles, without which there may have been no Unreal, no Gears of War, and perhaps most tragically, no Jazz Jackrabbit. I particularly agree with him on the basis of the next generation geek; the tools really are out there, and we’ve just got to go out and use them.

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