Galaxy Note: Aussie Ice Cream Sandwich Status

Galaxy Note: Aussie Ice Cream Sandwich Status

Galaxy Note


“Samsung Electronics Australia plans to provide the Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich update for the GALAXY Note in the second half of 2012. More details will be released once the update is ready.”


“We’re yet to receive software for testing. Once we receive this we will be able to provide customers with an ETA.”


“Optus is always looking to launch the latest versions of Android from our handset partners as soon they are available and pass our testing. For the Samsung Note we hope to make this available to customers in July.”


“The hardware variant being updated overseas is the Samsung GALAXY Note N7000. We sell the GALAXY Note N7000B, a variant which has 850MHz network support. As this is a different hardware variant, a different software build is required. The software build being released overseas is not compatible with devices sold by Vodafone in Australia”

Stay tuned for more news. Of course, if you’re not on N7000B, you could root your Galaxy Note and try the ICS stock ROM from XDA; but you do so at your own risk.