Eight Bits Of Radiohead, Anchorman 2 And Beautifully Trippy Clips We Don't Understand

Who needs late night TV when you have 8-bit Radiohead remixes, kaleidoscope dancers, a space age bong and the return of Ron Burgundy right here. I love Scotch. Scotchy, Scotch, Scotch.

Radiohead - Kid A (8-bit)

It sounds like Thom Yorke f*cking a Nintendo.

Anchorman 2 Is Totally a Thing

*Pushes intercom button* Ms. Moneypenny? Please clear my 2013.


Seriously, what the fuck. [Cartoon Brew]

Real Humans Don't Do Three Point Landings

Which is what makes this all the more entertaining. What, you'd rather watch normal people fall flat on their faces?

Faking a Giant Dance Troupe Is Easy With a 60-Foot Kaleidoscope

oooooh Pretty.


For those of you who have not yet 'shroomed, yes. This is exactly what it's like. Except everything smells like yellow and your skin is melting.

AutoBong 2011 Hamm Brushland

So wait, where do you stick your mouth? Seriously, this is way too complicated for stoners.

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