Fuel Cell USB Charger Resurrects Your Dead Phone Up To 14 Times

We've been promised an exciting future with gadgets perpetually powered by magical fuel cells, and a company called Lilliputian Systems is taking the first steps towards tomorrow with its fuel cell-based USB charger that will soon be available from Brookstone.

Unlike backup batteries which have to occasionally be plugged into a wall for hours like your various devices, the fuel cell charger uses small cartridges — about the size of a cigarette lighter — filled with butane to generate power. Pricing for the charger hasn't been revealed just yet, but the replacement fuel cartridges are expected to sell for roughly the same price as a Starbucks coffee. Possibly forcing you to choose between your addictions: caffeine or browsing Facebook.

Each cartridge is able to fully recharge a dead iPhone from 10 to 14 times, which helps make the cost of the replacements more reasonable when you break the down the per-charge price. The charger should particularly appeal to those who travel a lot, since the fuel cartridges are allowed on planes just like cigarette lighters. And a few dollars to recharge your phone again and again is a far better solution than scouring airport lounges looking for an available outlet. [Lilliputian Systems via Cnet]


    But the airport power is free.

      unless you get arrested for stealing power from the airport in a muslim country,,,, It's happened before.

        Feel free to cite a source there greg. I'm a little sceptical

    I think this is a bad idea, using actual gas and fuel powered batteries to charge gadgets seems pretty unsafe and bad for the environment.

    Also i can only assume that the gas somehow needs to burn to create the energy, so these little cells are going to get hot or prone to explosion if cheap copycats start making them :P

      So where does your power come from if not gas and fuel? 100% solar power?

      How do you know this?

      When you assume you make an ass out of yourself, and no one else.

      Fuel cell doesn't combust to create electricity. Operating temps vary depending on fuel. I'm (pretty) sure this one would be safe.

    why not just put the fuel cells *in* the phone?

      Because that would be very expensive over time. sure you could get 14 days of power but you would have to fork out $3 every 10-14 days . Over the life time of the phone this would be a fair amount of money.
      It would work well if the world had a massive butane outlet networks and were able to use them like normal power outlets. BUT there isnt and so currently not a good idea. this however works since as a back up not the sole source of power.

    eat mexian, then gas storage /recharge is not an issue. Though try explaining to friends/partner that you're 'recharging your phone' could be interesting.

    Very impressive.

    Or just buy a decent Lithium Ion rechargeable battery, and, you know, recharge it every so often.

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