New iPhone Apps: Facebook Camera, Clueful And More

New iPhone Apps: Facebook Camera, Clueful And More

The week’s best iPhone apps are keeping your device safe and helping you connect with other people. There’s a tool for monitoring what your apps are doing behind your back, a video chat client and a brand new photo app from Facebook that looks awfully familiar.

Google Search: Google dropped version 2.0 of its search app this week. The complete redesign is much better suited to mobile browsing, and it features a significant boost in speed in a prettier package. Free.[clear]

Clueful: Earlier this year, Path caused a bit of a scandal when it was revealed that the app was snooping into people’s contacts without their permission. Clueful will make sure this never happens to you — it scans all your apps and gives you a comprehensive list of what they’re up to. You’ll know which ones are tracking your location, dipping into your address book, following your ad targeting, and so forth, so that your phone is as secure as it can possibly be. $4.49. [clear]

ooVoo: Skype might be your proxy video chat service, but it taps out at a maximum of 10 people on one call simultaneously. To expand your party line, try ooVoo. It links up with your Facebook friends list to let you talk with a maximum of 12 friends at once. They don’t even have to have ooVoo installed, just access to Facebook chat. Free. [clear]

Alarm Security System: Probably one of the most annoying things someone can do is pick up your phone and start thumbing through your pictures without permission. This security system will keep that from happening. It locks your phone automatically when you stick it in your pocket, and if someone tries to get in without authorisation, a loud siren will sound off. $0.99. [clear]

Facebook Camera: This week Facebook gave us a clue as to why it made that billion dollar Instagram buy — it released its own photo-sharing app. With 15 filters, it’s strikingly similar to your former favourite picture-snapping app, though it lets you upload multiple images at once. Free. [clear]