Expendables 2 Trailer, Now With 3000% More Explosions

After this morning's early launch, I'm feeling a little tired. What I could go is some mindless explosions and a bevy of 80s action stars. Yeah, this will do.

I was arguing this with Giz publisher Danny yesterday; this does tickle my action funny bone pretty well — especially the Van Damme bits — but it'd be even better with, say, a guest spot for Michael Dudikoff or Cynthia Rothrock. Which other action stars should make it into Expendables 3? [YouTube]


    This one looks like it will be slightly less shitty than the first one.

      The first one was one of the worst films ever made, so 'less shitty' is conceivable.

      oh, and Sly, the first movie did something to ass, didn't kick it, but definitely did something to it
      [thanks to 'South Park']

        I would take this any day for Ghost Rider 2. That was one shit movie and I paid 17 bucks to see it at the movies. If only I could get a refund. I would pay them to get a refund. At least for the satisfaction.


    the ONLY reason I am going to see it, is because it has Chuck Norris in it...

    This is gonna be so bad it'll be BOSS -- JCVD FTW biatches.

      +1. I really enjoyed the first one. Sure it's not what you would call a Cinema Classic but it was entertaining and worth the price of a ticket. Good old 80's excess and nonsense!

      See if they can get Clint Eastwood for Expendables 3!

    Fuck yeah Michael Dudikoff, I used to watch the first two American Ninja movies over and over

    3 years later Hollywood will make a reboot of this.

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