Buying One Share Of Facebook Stock Is A Total Rip-Off

When Facebook stocks begin trading on the market — most likely this Friday — Wall Street hotshots and ordinary folks will be clamouring to get in on the action. Don't worry if you don't have a broker and a fancy investment portfolio, because there are plenty of companies more than happy to help you get a single share — for a price.

CNNMoney reports:

Buying through a one-share site is generally more expensive for customers than buying through a broker. Both and charge a $US39 fee for their services, which include buying the share and procuring the paper stock certificate.

So for $US39 plus the price of a share, you get a piece of paper that says you own a teeny tiny piece of Facebook. If you've got an account with a broker on the other hand, trades typically cost less than $US10. Buying a single share of Facebook won't make you any kind of wealthy, so hey, might as well throw away your money as efficiently as possible. [CNNMoney via AllFacebbok]

Image: SEC

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