Animated Terminator Busts Will Strike Fear In Sarah Connors Everywhere

Starting with a rare vinyl model of the T-800 that was released in limited numbers after Terminator 2 hit theatres, Japanese artists at T-Studios created these wonderfully detailed chrome terminator busts, complete with light-up eyes and animated features. It's the perfect reminder that mankind's days are numbered.

The bust's head, neck and eyes all move independently, and the artists have even ensured the motions are still a little jerky to match the movements of the endoskeleton seen in the original Terminator movie. All that's missing is an oddly out-of-place Austrian accent.

Each bust is custom-made to order and presumably priced well above what the average toy collector is willing to pay. But there's still clearly a market for the sculptures, as the studio has stopped taking orders for the time being while they catch up. [T-Studio via Obvious Winner]

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