9 Ridiculous People You Should Be Following On Instagram

9 Ridiculous People You Should Be Following On Instagram

Instagram is now the consummate way of sharing our mundane lives — one billion of Facebook’s dollars agree! But there’s a vast menu of famous, beautiful, rich and insane people out there Instagramming too. Here’s the best of the best.

There’s nothing wrong with our filtered pictures of sunsets and soup, but wouldn’t it be nice to break up the photo monotony with, say, Mike Tyson holding handfuls of cash? Newt Gingrich grinning at old people? Rihanna scowling on holidays? Celeb accounts are goofy and frivolous, but so are celebs — and you just might get a strangely honest look at their lives as they swing their smartphones around, drunk on champagne.

Rick Ross (richforever)

Why follow? Rick Ross just might be the quintessential Rapper on The Internet. A supremely talented dude, no doubt, but we all know the inordinate wealth and diamond-coated scallops routine is his whole spiel. And it works just as well on Instagram as on MP3.

What will you see? Gold. Diamonds, Bundles of cash. Bundles of cash sitting on golden things. Shoes. Chains. Diamond chains. Diamond shoes. The lonely view from Rozay’s hotel room. Beards. Diamond beards.

Dunkin’ Donuts (dunkindonuts)

Why follow? Do you like doughnuts? God, of course you do. What kind of question is this?

What will you see? Doughnuts look even better when they’re tilt-shifted.

Soulja Boy (souljaboytellem)

Why follow? Like his music, hate his music, whatever — Soulja Boy is pretty much living the life most Gizmodo readers would if they too made a song that was massively popular in 2006. He’s a giant geek at heart. Just one with an inordinate amount of money and things.

What will you see? MacBooks, an impossible number of iPhones, gold jewellery.

Newt Ginrich (newtgingrich)

Why follow? This one is worth it just for tragicomical value — the vintage filtered anatomy of a failed campaign. Watch as Newt shakes hands with the angry and the elderly, concedes a campaign, and dreams of moon missions.

What will you see? Lots of very annoyingly and inappropriately retro-filtered scenes of boring campaign rallies.

MC Hammer

Why follow? Because MC Hammer’s life is fucking weird, man. Everyone assumes he’s living in a box because of former financial implosion, but the guy gets around! It’s hard to say exactly what relation one scene bears to another, but the fellow is clearly up to something: basketball games, meetings, shows, all peppered with lots of ’80s ephemera. It’s just sweet enough to not be depressing.

What will you see? MC Hammer hanging out with wounded marines, MC Hammer hanging out with an old white couple.

Rihanna (badgalriri)

Why follow? Rihanna is unbelievably beautiful and rich and full of drugs, and you’re probably not. She also might die soon, so get it while you can!

What will you see? Rihanna. Rihanna in a bikini. Rihanna at dinner. Rihanna stoned out of her mind. Rihanna’s friend’s cleavage. Rihanna.

Jeremy Piven (howulivinjpiven)

Why follow? Did you even read what’s up there? His Instagram account name is HowULivenJPiven.

What will you see? Jeremy Piven isn’t Ari Gold, and isn’t as cool as you probably think he is. Look at that necklace! Is he posing for an ’80s Playgirl shoot? Is this for a “movie role”? Is he pheasant hunting?

Mike Tyson (miketyson)

Why follow? Mike Tyson loves to pretend to punch people. I guess that’s sort of your “thing” when you’re a famous boxer — posing with a bunch of schmucks and pretending you’re knocking them out. So if you want to see Mike Tyson pretend to punch other people, this is the account for you. Tyson also tosses in classic shots of himself before he sort of went crazy and stopped winning fight.

What will you see? Mike Tyson punching people/things, Mike Tyson holding birds.

Chad “Johnson” Ochocinco (ochocinco)

Why follow? The internet’s greatest athlete is just as great on Instagram. The man is some how just as much an endearing weirdo as a star wide receiver. Like, Tyler, the Creator levels of weirdness.

What will you see? Ochocinco in a jean vest. Ochocinco in bright pants. Ochocinco on the toilet. Ochocinco in other bright pants. Ochocinco vying violently for your attention. Ochocinco in brighter pants.