37 Stunning Speed Shots By Aussie Giz Readers …Vote For Your Favourite!

37 Stunning Speed Shots By Aussie Giz Readers …Vote For Your Favourite!

Hope you guys can think fast, because this week’s Shooting Challenge entries are coming at you. There are some amazing photos in this bunch, so start voting for your favourite photographer! They might just win an Ultrabook!Image

For five weeks, Gizmodo readers (and the friends they convince to vote for them) are voting one weekly Shooting Challenge finalist through to the prize round to be judged and announced by Gizmodo editors on Wednesday, June 27.

Update: These are the Week 1 ‘Speed’ Theme Photos.
The Week 3 Theme Is Long Exposure. Here’s How To Enter.

Note: In the interests of fairness, voting has been restricted to one per user; based on cookie and IP.
Voting closes at 10am on Tuesday, May 29.


Ultrabooks are a new category of mobile PC that pack speedy Intel Core processors and a lightweight design — ideal for photographers looking for an editing studio, storage drive and entertainment hub on the go.

We’re excited to be giving away one Dell XPS 13 (valued at $1199) to participating Gizmodo readers. The Core i5 13.3-incher has edge-to-edge Gorilla Glass and is just 6mm at its thinnest point.

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This Week’s Entries

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Roland Pedeferri

I had a little bit of fun with this one. I was travelling home after a night out, and realised I needed to get an entry into this challenge.
I therefore set my camera to an 8 Second shutter speed.
I then waited until we drove through an intersection, and hit the shutter 2 seconds before we went through.
I got loads of others, but this one was my favourite.
Fujifilm Finepix S1500
ISO: 64 (minimal grain)
Shutter: 8 seconds.
Aperture: F2.8


Happy co-incidence – there’s a local competition I’m using to get out and snapping again. This comes from near a week ago at our local. Its one of my favourites I’ve taken but I don’t think the comp would like it because it’s got graf in it (the local comp is about showcasing our suburb, so I suspect they only want tourism shots). I’m glad for a second opportunity to get it out there.

Stuart Addelsee

Was a real challenge this week to photo something that coveys a real sense of speed, I had wanted to try car dolly shots like this out for a while so it was a good opportunity to experiment. After much positioning and testing, my setup ended up being extremely low tech, My tripod was attached to back seat headrest with a single cable tie, then out the car window. For this shot I was going in 1st very slowly to avoid shaking the camera to much.
Canon EOS 7D – Sigma 10-20mm
10 sec | f/13 | ISO 100

Pete Turner

Canon 7D 10-22mm
.357 Remington Maximum
Mario was caught shooting his mouth off again!

Amy Stork

“Life in the fast lane”
Flying down a forest road on Phu Quoc Island Vietnam. The sun on our face, sea breeze in our hair, and all the time in the world. We spent all day just riding around seeing the sites and meeting the local people.
EOS 50D, ISO 100, 1/125th

Dave Stork

The streets of Vietnam are awash with bikes and cars weaving at great speed in all directions. The living definition of organised chaos. I snapped this from a rooftop bar in HCMC.
EOS 50D, ISO 100, 3 sec

Rob Lacina

As soon as I saw the topic for this week’s challenge, I had in mind the photo I wanted to take – a picture zooming through the Heysen Tunnels in Adelaide.
The camera was triggered by a wireless remote.
Post-processing: Straightened & cropped to remove my wipers and bonnet from the bottom of the photo.
A bit of contrast & saturation boost to bring out the colours of the lights as they were a bit overexposed.
Camera – Canon EOS 550D
Lens – 18-55mm @ 18mm
Camera Mode – Manual
Exposure Time – 8 seconds
Aperture Value – F 16.00
ISO – 200
White Balance – Tungsten

Rachel Smith

I went to a Medieval Fayre on the weekend, and tried my hand at pics of the Jousting tournament.
Taken on a Canon EOS 500D
Slight Photoshop done.

Mircea Stanciu

This photo was realized using Canon 7D + EF24-70F2.8 + skinny and cheap tripod 🙂
Exposure: 4.0 sec
Aperture: f/14
ISO: 160
Manual mode

Tom Barber

This photo was taken behind our car at night with the parker lights on. The focal length was slowly zoomed out while the shutter was open.
Nikon D80
Focal Length between 135mm and 18mm
Cropped in Picasa

Simon Lee

I took this last week whilst holidaying at Glen Helen, NT.
You can see the entire Milky Way from just outside my room and I set about taking lots of long exposures.
It reminds me of movies like Star Wars and that infamous “jump to hyperspace”, and what is more speedy that hyperspace?!!!
Canon 7D
Canon 10-22mm lens (zoomed from 22-10mm)
Tripod and cable release

Edward McAndrew

This is the only photo I’ve really spent a long time setting up.
A friend was having a film shoot with army characters, and I thought “This! This is my speed photo”
I really hated their shoes.
Canon 60D
50m Lens
1.8 F-Stop
125 ISO
1/1600 shutter speed

Byorgen Druffeldroff

I attended the Blacktown Medieval Fayre on the weekend, and thought a photo of the jousting would be the perfect thing for this competition.
This photo is of two competitors an instant before coming to blows. In the end, the blue knight scored 5 points, while the brown knight scored 0.
Shot with a Canon EOS 60D (purchased only two days prior, so I’m still learning how to use it), Canon EF-S18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 IS II lens.
ISO 100 | 18mm | f/22 | 1/30

Alan Huynh

Having the ability to slow down time and capturing every movement of light travelling.
Equipment: Camera, lens, and tripod
Body: Canon 60D
Lens: 24-70 f2.4
ISO: 640
Aperture: 22
Shutter: 30 Seconds

Vinnie Lum

A Rock Mobster jammer tries to get past the pack! A close-up pan shot taken at the weekend’s Victorian Roller Derby League event.
1/25s, f2.8, ISO200.

Tracy Miller

The bees were in going crazy yesterday at the National Arboretum, so I decided to take a photo of them for this challenge. I shot this with my Canon T3i, F5.6, shutter speed 1/1250 with my ISO at 200.

Mark Burban

Shot with a 600mm vintage manual focus lens on 5dii body, I had this lens on because there are often planes flying overhead & I was hoping to get some shots.
I heard the distance roar of a jet engine & ran outside to find this huge contrail going across the sky.
Invisible to the naked eye, in this image you can see that this is a Qantas passenger jet.


This picture was taken from Burwood shopping mall, where I was meant to take pictures of construction works undergoing next to it for my Uni project.
Camera: HTC Incredible S
Resolution :3264*1952
ISO :800

Matt Smith

I read an arcticle about how one night of Gambling can destroy peoples lives and send it under water, which is what the Dice and glass represents.
For this I used basically default Panasonic Settings, with the only change being to set the White balance to the correct colour.
The camera I used is the DMC-TZ10.

[/left] [right]

Rachel Gray

This was shot with a Canon Eos 1100D and it was on auto mode. It was taken along the Yarra River on the way into the city after watching a netball game at Hisense Arena (Unfortunately the Melbourne Vixens lost…) but as soon as I went to take the photo the driver slowed down, as if he knew I wanted to take a photo of speed. It was cropped and changed to Black and White in Photoshop.

Matt Holliday

For this weeks challenge i thought it would be good to capture the speed of a river with a long exposure shot. The photo is of the Toorongo River in Noojee Victoria.
Canon 60D
18mm-55mm lens @ 18mm
Shutter- 1.3 secs
F stop- f/13
ISO 100

Matt Ballam

Photo was taken in Southbank in Brisbane of the ‘Brisbane Eye’ (don’t know why every city feel it is now necessary to have an “eye”). Although the photo is over-exposed I still really like the contrast between the stationary cars and the blur of the lights of the wheel. Only recently got my 600D and this was one of the first nights out with it exploring night photography… Shot was taken using a Canon 600D with the standard 18-55mm kit lens.

Ben Vawdrey

Normally I’d be shooting at 1/500th and up because of the extreme speeds, but I decided to experiment with super slow shutters to really exaggerate the perception of speed in this shot. After much trial and error the slowest I could shoot at with any semblance of detail was 1/100. I shot at f/13 mostly because there was an abundance of light and I wanted to make sure as much as I could get was in focus (Given the background would be motion blurred to separate the subject, a short depth of field wasn’t necessary).
Canon 550d w/55-250 f4-5.6 IS @ 200mm
ISO 100, 1/100th, f/13


Took this picture at black hill lookout in ballarat last night.
Canon EOS 600D
Aperture 3.2.3
Exposure Time: 13 seconds
Shuter Speed: 12.3 sec
Focal Length: 55mm

Larry Chew

Title: Banana Split
The Samurai session continues in the kitchen. The banana had no chance.
Camera: Canon 5DMarkIII
Lens: 16-35mm
ISO: 640
F-stop: 6.3
Exposure: 1/125 sec

Jeff Gamble

The F-22 Raptor performing a high speed manoeuvre at an air on May 18 at Andrews Air Force base outside of Washington DC.
I used a Nikon D300 with 70-300mm zoom.
Exposure 1/800 sec.
Aperture f/8.0
Focal Length 300 mm
ISO Speed 200

Alex Schladetsch

I was driving home from visiting my mother, and noticed that the clouds ahead of me looked rather… malicious. Unfortunately, my iPhone couldn’t capture the clouds, but it did manage to capture this. I was doing about 110km/h (with my phone on a windscreen mount) and thought I’d just snap a quick pic. No editing at all, just the iPhone Camera app.

Elissa-Simone Hui

Title: The Strike
In the dark of night, the lone princess practises her secret skill of the sword, so that she will be ready to fly like a butterfly, and sting like a bee…
Camera: Canon 5DIII
Lens: 50 mm
ISO: 100
Exposure: 5 sec
F-stop: 4

Damien C

‘George in the nick of Time’
Shot on a recent trip to Sydney for work, looking out from the hotel onto George St.
Sydney roads tend to either be great or a virtual carpark – at the time of shooting I was lucky enough to get a clear run of traffic.
Camera: Canon 550D
Lens: Tamron AF 18-270mm f/3.5-6.3 (set at 33mm)
Exposure time: 20sec
Aperture: f/16
Tripod: Joby Gorillapod

Jay Daley

When I read this shooting challenge I started trying to think of a photo I could take this weekend that could show ‘speed’.
Immediately I thought of Stewart…
Stewart is FAST and I thought a shot of him showing off his speed skills would make for a great photo..
This was shot with a Nikon D4 and a 50mm f1.4 lens. I used ISO 1600 to allow for a nice deep depth of field at f11 and also 2 x SB900 speedlights to get the light just right..

Dennison Seeto

Here is a picture of my friend/mechanic testing his race car at Willowbank Raceway. Run after run he couldn’t get a perfect run, and this is his best past which has earn’t him the title of World’s Fastest Mitsubishi EVO.
This picture was shot with my Canon 40D using a 24-105L lens at f5.6, I shot this on ISO3200 (hoping get a non-blurry shot at night), the shot length was automatically set at 1/60 (I was shooting in aperture priority mode).

Gavin Keats

Saw the comp, got excited about the laptop. went down the hill and started shooting cars 🙂
Nikon D3S, ISO 200, 24-70 lens @ 48mm, f4.5, slow shutter @ 1/40 taken while panning.

Michael Dean

Nothing slow about an Aston Martin!
Got the pic by putting my R/C car some slightly glossy black wrapping paper. The background lighting effect came from some Christmas lights.
Contrast, sharpness and a bit of motion blur done in Photoshop.
Canon 500D – Sigma 50mm
– f/16
– 2″5 Shutter
– ISO 100

Kim Carter

My partner’s Sony DSC-HX9V on auto; I’m not a photographer… 😛
He was driving a Ferrari F430 hard along the Pacific Highway north of Cowan in NSW. It was like a roller-coaster ride, but much more comfortable. Even with all that power, keeping up with the motorbikes was impossible.

Pete Aitchison

The Queensland jetski champs were held at Atkinson Dam in the Lockyer Valley west of Brisbane this weekend. One of the last times I went to this dam was when there were cows grazing where this bloke is. Then the floods came that devastated the valley early last year. This very water is there because of those deluges. Now this place has an abundance of activity and wild life.
Canon 60D. 1/1250th ISO about 400 f8.0 and 150 – 500 Sigma.

David Johnson

Building Speed
I was at the beach trying for “that surf shot” you know the one with a perfect fan of spray, when up the road came this lady and her bicycle towards the hill !
So with a quick change and a shot managed to get this one with the background and her feet blurred and the spokes invisible as she built up speed for the climb .
Camera Canon600D
Tv : 1/30
ISO 100
Lens 18-55 @ 55mm

Joel Kong

For a 12 year old, Year 7 can be a daunting and challenging time. As a reward for completing their English work on time, an option of a ‘free’ activity was given. With the opportunities to play in good weather decreasing, they chose to play ‘Kick-ball’.
Canon 600D – 18-55mm Lens
Shutter Speed: 1/80
Aperture: f/16
ISO: 100
Focal length: 46mm
Method/Setting: Taken whilst on the ground, zooming out quickly when pressing the trigger. (Yes, I was hit by the ball, and run into…but hey, whatever it takes to get that shot!)

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