15 Human Cocoons

15 Human Cocoons

See, unlike human-centipedes, human-caterpillars spin gorgeous human-cocoons like these to protect themselves as they grow into human-butterflies. It’s the circle of life and it moves us all.

After you emerge and unfold your delicate wings, be sure to also check out these 15 odd jobs, some examples of instant architecture, and these eight imflatable decoys.

Yellow Heart Inflatable Retreat

Haus Rucker, Oasis 7

Haus Rucker, Flyhead Environment Transformer, 1968

Lawrence Malstaff, Shrink — Vacuum Packed Humans

Fabric Cocoon For Two People To Stick Their Heads In

Tape Cocoon Structure By Numen

Net Z33 Net Structure By Numen

Refuge Wear Habitent — Refuge Tent In A Coat

Simulation Of A Typhoon While Sitting In A Chair

Galaxies Forming Along Filaments, Like Droplets Along The Strands Of A Spiders Web By Tom Saraceno

The Parasite — An Inflatable Shelter For The Homeless That Runs Off Expelled HVAC Air

15 x 15m Pillow, Used As A Medical Pavilion At The Rolling Stones Free Concert At Altamont In 1969

Cocoon By Klaus Pinter

Mind Expander, 1967

Mind Expander II, 1969