You've Never Seen Your Console Controllers Like This Before

Who cares about console controllers? They sit on our floors, they're thrown against our walls and do our bidding. Boring chunks of plastic. But when you X-ray them, they look downright gorgeous, like cyborg jellyfish.

Redditor Diabolikal49 (kewl name) alleges to work with some industrial-grade X-ray machinery and cooked up these fantastic images of console controller guts. We've seen some console X-rays before, but nothing that approaches this level of detail and ghostliness. When the wife of Wilhelm Röntgen, discoverer of the X-ray, first saw her own radiated image, she remarked, "I have seen my death." But these controllers seem the opposite — organism-like, full of complex mechanisms and sinuous wires. Diabolikal says he was able to get this level of fidelity by putting the controllers very, very close to the X-ray gun. And we're glad he did. Now stick more stuff in it.

Check out the rest of the scans here. [Reddit]

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