You Don't Need To Be An Origami Master To Assemble This Flat-Pack Lamp

It might look like it claimed the lives of an entire drawer full of barbecuing tools, but Tom Dixon's simple Stamp Lamp actually starts life as a boring flat sheet of zinc-coated steel.

The intricate grooves and flaps that diffuse the bulb's glow are created using the same metal stamping machines that churn out parts for cars. When removed from its flat packaging the shade looks like a metallic snowflake, but in no time flat (pun intended) the consumer can turn it into a functional 3D sculpture by bending, folding, and twisting the various pieces into whatever form they desire.

There's no word on whether Tom Dixon will actually be selling the lamps, but a limited run has been produced and are being given away at the Milan Design Show. So there's nothing stopping them from firing up the presses and churning out more of these for the masses. [Tom Dixon via Inhabitat]

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