Would You Pay To Upgrade Your TV Every Year? [Poll]

At last night's Samsung TV launch, the company announced that from 2012, selected TV models would be capable of being "upgraded" to match the next year's features, for a $149 fee each year. Is that a case of brilliant future-proofing, or subscription TV buying? To be clear; most of what they were referencing were Smart TV features, but this isn't just a case of paying for a firmware upgrade; the expansion board is physical hardware that'll be slotted into the back of a Samsung TV in order to enhance its capabilities with new processors and the like as they're developed. The essential idea is one of future proofing; you don't need to fret about buying this year's model, because you'll still be able to keep it up to date for the next five years. But does the concept interest you?

Bacon, as always, for those who simply must vote, but dressed appropriately for a TV story

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