With A Pedal-Desk This Pretty, You Might Actually Want To Work Out

The stationary bike/desk hybrid is nothing new, but, until now, design seems to not have been of much consideration. WeBike is a pedal-powered desk that also happens to be a very pretty piece of furniture.

Designed by Belgium's We-Watt, the WeBike's pedal-to-power design converts gentle cycling action into electric energy. Its aluminium-and-steel body is embellished with reclaimed cedar wood, and its top is made of a high-pressure laminate. An LED ring display in front of each seat shows how much power is being generated by the worker/cyclist and how much AC power is available for charging their device/s. According to We-Watt, the system can generate around 230Vac/30W of output per seat.

If only the WeBike wasn't $US13,000, it would be a perfect solution for the otherwise very sedentary blogging lifestyle. [GizMag]

Each seat can generate an average of 230Vac/30Watt of output.

The bikes can be arranged in a single row, for office adaptability.

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