Will The Playbook End Up Being A Better PlayStation Than The PlayStation Phone?

The Blackberry Playbook has some excellent hardware, but to date it's been hampered by a lack of really good apps. The same could be said for Sony's PlayStation phone initiatives; so far it's been a lot of promise with little delivery. A PlayStation emulator for Playbook might just bridge the gap between the two.

The PCSX-PB emulator for Playbook allows users to run disc images — you'd need to source the BIOS yourself — of PlayStation games with touchscreen controls. It certainly appears to animate relatively smoothly, but whether that will translate into actually playable games remains to be seen, especially with touchscreen controls. Then again, that didn't stop Sony with the Tablet P. Needless to say, this is totally unofficial, unsupported by Sony and so on and so forth. [YouTube via Lilliputing]

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