Week In Review: Avengers, DRM, Browsers and Galaxies

The Avengers Assembled, Browsers battled and DRM was debated over the course of the week. Here's the top stories from April 23rd to April 27th.

Samsung Galaxy S II 4G Review: Fast, But Is It Future-Proof?

Amidst the swirling hype for the Galaxy S III, Telstra's still trying to sell the LTE-equipped model of the Galaxy S II. Is it fast enough to be worth considering? Read More

Who’s Winning The Browser Wars?

As one reader noted, in one way we're all the winners of the browser wars, simply because we've got a choice. Still, your choice of browser is like your choice of smartphone — a hotly debated topic. Read More

What’s The Greatest Hacker Movie Ever?

Hacker movies are a beloved subset of geek cinema. They’re often embarrassing, with absurd references to modems, people wrestling over floppies, and lots of fake screen interfaces. Melting icons. That sort of thing. But which is the best of all? Read More

The Case Against DRM On Ebooks

Not only is Charlie Stross a published sci-fi author, but he is also an advocate for DRM-free ebooks. As such, he’s put together a thoughtful argument as to why DRM-free eBooks will be good for the publishing world… Read More

Graeme Samuel: The Problem With Petrol, The NBN And The ‘Scare Campaign’ Against Supermarkets

Graeme Samuel is the former head of the ACCC, and in conversation with The Conversation, he chatted extensively about the NBN, amongst other topics. Read More

Most Entertaining Story

The Avengers: The Gizmodo Review

How well did Joss Whedon assemble his Avengers? Note: Review is very spoiler-heavy; the Giz readership seems split on whether this is a good or bad thing. Read More

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