Week In Review: AFACT, Smartphones And Flying Drones

Week In Review: AFACT, Smartphones And Flying Drones

Drones flew through the air, Smartphones battled for supremacy and AFACT got slapped down by the High Court in this week’s top stories.

HTC One X Vs Sony Xperia S Review Battlemodo

Two high-end smartphones, both vying for your buying dollar. Which one should you buy? Read More

Opinion: Dear Windows Phone: Get Your Act Together

We love Windows Phone. It was a hugely important step forward for how people think about phones. It promised to be a true, thoughtful, original alternative to the iPhone. But it still has some serious problems. Read More

Samsung’s 2012 TV Lineup: Smart TV, Gestures And Upgrades

Samsung’s Smart TV offerings embrace voice, gestures, new apps and the inclusion of Foxtel as well. Read More

Phone Battery Boosters: What’s Your Solution?

Between Wi-Fi, 3G, 4G, bigger screens, brighter games and busier lives, there’s a lot taxing the battery in your smartphone right now. Thankfully, there are a lot of options when it comes to keeping the juice flowing. Which strategy do you use?
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High Court Dismisses AFACT Appeal

AFACT was never going to lie down quietly over its two consecutive court losses to iiNet over Internet piracy , and the result has just been handed down for its High Court appeal; AFACT’s appeal has been dismissed.
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Most Entertaining Story

Hands On With Parrot’s AR Drone 2.0

The original AR Drone was a great novelty gadget; does the version two model iron out some of the kinks?
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