Watching This Is The Closest You'll Get To Aerial Combat

If you've ever dreamt of flying a jet into war -- I see you, joystick jockeys -- this incredible GoPro footage is your best new alternative. Watch it in fullscreen if you actually want to feel nauseous.

All that's missing is the g-force factor pulling at your face, and, of course, the risk of crashing or being blown out of the sky. But that's OK! These F-15 videographers were just training, anyway, as part of ACM (Air Combat manoeuvring) dogfight practice between the "Fighting Cocks" (hush) and "Vampire Bats" squadrons, based out of Japan. Man, it looks like the real thing: flares released, midair refuelling, and, best of all, the absolutely crazy manoeuvring. All the Top Gun radio chatter helps with the mood, too.

For you true air combat nerds, David Cenciotti points out that the video is a great way to check out the JHMCS (Joint Helmet Mounted Cueing System) -- the advanced helmets the pilots wear: "it enables pilots to cue onboard weapons against enemy plane merely by pointing their heads at the targets".

One real world hazard? The awful music that seems more at home in a compilation of monster truck crashes than the Air Force. BUT PERHAPS IT MAKES IT ALL FEEL MORE X-TREME -- GUITAR SHRED ENGAGED. [Vimeo via The Aviationist]


    This just makes me want to be accepted into the RAAF even more. :D

    Why the bloody awful music , sounds more like carnival show !

    this is another one with eagles but with live fire

    Battlefield 3 Carrier Launch Scene = Closest I've been so far to real aerial combat...

      It actually holds up fairly well to this footage doesn't it? btw, THE bet job in the world, absolutely incredible!

    The disappointment of not being accepted into the air force is really kicking in :c

    Simply awesome!

    Just fitted FPV gear to a helicopter. More fun than watching videos.
    Will fit to a fanjet RC plane next.
    Dogfights anyone? :)

    You can get joyflight dogfights at Fighter Combat International at Jandakot Airport. My family sent me on one last year for a birthday present. You go up in turbo prop trainer aircraft flown by RAAF Trainers from Pearce Air Base. Half the flight is stunts e.g. barrel rolls, wing overs, loops, etc, as much as you can take then the second part is a simulated dogfight where you go head to head with another aircraft.. You take it in turns as the hunter and the prey. Pretty awesome. I highly recommend it.

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