Waking Up To Braun's New Alarm Clock Would Make Mornings Tolerable

Thanks to Dieter Rams, Braun's classic travel alarm clock is still considered an icon of design. And while the company's newest digital alarm clocks might not be as revered one day, they're still a beautiful object to wake up too.

The $US100 Braun BNC010 features a snazzy reverse LCD display that best suits the black model, but you can also get it in white or blue if that better matches your bedroom's decor. The time is automatically set through a radio-controlled movement, and you can choose to wake to one of six preset radio stations with the alarm's digital tuner.

But if $US100 is too rich for your blood, Braun also released two smaller versions which lack a built-in radio. Including the $US60 BNC009, and the even smaller travel-friendly $50 BNC008 which both feature the same automatic time setting capabilities. [Braun via Acquire]

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