Unbearable: The Death Of A 12 Kilo Gummy Bear

Unbearable: The Death Of A 12 Kilo Gummy Bear

We’d used the 12 Kilo Gummy bear for storage, for drinking and, as implausible as it sounds, even tried to eat some of it. But now we had a headless bear and a need to destroy the evidence. But how could we manage that safely?

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There’s no end of ways that you could kill a normal Gummy bear, and an awful lot of them have already been covered; I’m particularly fond of what happens when you drop a Gummy bear into Potassium Chlorate:

But we didn’t have any Potassium Chlorate just hanging around the Giz offices to speak of. Likewise, the suggestion was mooted around the office that we should perhaps explode the Gummy bear, Mythbusters style. Only two problems there. Firstly, there’s the whole legality side of things — and then there’s the very distinct possibility that it could end up like this genuine Internet classic.

Equally, fire was suggested as a solution. But that has problems relating to super-heated sugar — and, again, it had been done.

So, in the end, we decided to run with something we’d not seen done; a good old fashioned… well, I’ll let the video do the talking.