Ultra Tiny Earbuds Let You Hear More Than Just Your Music

Earbud style headphones let you enjoy your music without the distraction of what's going on around you. But for safety's sake, hearing distractions, like a honking horn, isn't always a bad thing. So the earHeros use a compact design that doesn't completely block your ears.

Each tiny speaker sits inside your ear canal, using a small wire extending into your outer ear to keep them in place. And because they're not crammed in there like a cork, other sounds can still be heard. The earHeros supposedly sound as good as a regular pair of earbuds, but also allow you to still hear conversations when they're being worn, or even talk on a phone.

They're particularly ideal for those who like to ride a bike and enjoy their music without being hit by a car. But the $US150 earHero's subtle design means you can probably also get away with wearing them during boring university lectures, or long meetings with your boss about how you're always distracted. [earHero via Gizmag]

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