Thunderbolt Might Transfer To Windows By May

Ultra-fast, Apple-only Thunderbolt technology is about to get a little less exclusive. According to CNET, LaCie plans to unveil PC compatibility for the 10Gb/s Thunderbolt during the upcoming NAB 2012 trade show.

Reportedly, LaCie will debut PC-compatible versions of the Little Big Disk SSD and the 2big Thunderbolt mass storage devices. LaCie has recently helped to create the Thunderbolt Standard, which governs devices' interactions with the cables, which "can transfer a full-length HD movie in less than 30 seconds" according to Intel.

Intel has reportedly already begun shipping its latest iteration of Thunderbolt controllers and is planning to roll out Cactus Ridge, a Windows-compatible Thunderbolt chip, when Ivy Bridge debuts in two weeks. [CNet - Extreme Tech]



    What!?! Sony's new Z-Series Vaio uses Thunderbolt/Light Peak and it has been around for more than 6 months. And with USB 3.0, no PC user is going to care anyway. Thunderbolt is just Apple's new FireWire - a big yawn.

      "While USB 2.0 (introduced in 2001) is quoted as running at a higher signaling rate (480 Mbit/s) than legacy FireWire 400 (400 Mbit/s, available since 1995), data transfers over S400 FireWire interfaces generally outperform similar transfers over USB 2.0 interfaces in real world environments."

      If thunderbolt is the new firewire then yes please.

    This is what should have happened in the first place. Thunderbolt is amazing technology but as soon as you make it exclusive to one company you limit the peripherals that will be produced for it and at the same time increase the costs of those peripherals. Open standards like USB are the way to go and having Thunderbolt on non Apple hardware is the only way thunderbolt can ever be really successful and instead of being a competitor to USB3 they can actually work hand in hand together. That way every computer user wins weather or not they're Apple Windows or Linux.

      Except it has not been exclusive. As I said, Sony have been using it since June last year and using it in a much smarter way than Apple.

    well put, dave.

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