This Keyboard Case Won't Turn Your iPad Into A Hideous Hunchback

A physical keyboard is a must if you intend to do any serious work with the iPad. And Logitech's new Ultrathin Keyboard Cover makes it easy to bring one along without adding serious bulk to your tablet. Because why else would you use it over a laptop?

The $US100 Bluetooth keyboard -- available sometime this month -- promises up to six months of battery life as long as you're not typing more than two hours per day, and it magnetically attaches to your new iPad or iPad 2 just like Apple's own Smart Cover. Thanks to a strategically placed groove above the QWERTY keyboard, the cover can also double as a stand turning your iPad into a makeshift laptop. [Logitech]



    doesn't this void the principal of a pad device ? lets just add more stuff to carry round......

      I remember attending Pad Device High, and getting called to the Principal's office. Wild times.

    No. It gives you more options. If you don't need it don't bring it. With a laptop you have no choice. If you need it, it's there. Options.

    FINALLY someone makes a keyboard that uses the smartcover magnet! How long did it take

      I've had a bluetooth keyboard case from Zagg called the "Zaggfolio" since the first day of getting my iPad2 (a month after release). It uses the smart magnet, is made of carbon fibre, and folds up in a similar way to the case above.

        Here it is if anyone is interested -> (available for the new iPad as well). Its not quite as sexy as Logitech's, however it has the advantage of being a proper case, and protects the back of the iPad as well.

    sadly not available on the AUS website or available for shipping from the US site .. MEH

    @ Djrcmach - I thought so to in the beginning, but now I've converted meaning I use a keyboard with it and without it sometimes, depending on what I am doing. So quick and easy really.
    @ Cockney Sparrow - very soon, mid-late June from the current info we have.

      are you an official Logitech rep? If so, thanks for coming in and answering questions, very cool - companies should do that MUCH more often (I know they often do on Whirlpool forums)

    r u fan boys freaking kidding me?!! just buy a god dam laptop!!

      Would you say the same thing to people that purchased the Transformer Prime?

      There are huge advantages to having a keyboard for a tablet that still make it a preferable choice for some uses over a bulky laptop.

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