This Fashion Handbag Will Charge Your Gadgets, But How Long Will It Remain Fashionable For?

This handbag features an internal battery and pocket for charging smartphones or tablets, as well as a flashing charm to let you know you've got a call. But fashion changes quickly; will this still be considered stylish in six month's time? The bag is a co-operative work between designer Richard Nicoll and Vodafone, although there's no word on the exact on-sale date or even price of the stylish bag. The internal battery charges via an inductive cable, and it's said to have enough charge for "two days" of charging. Whether that's enough for an already powered device to last two days, or 48 hours of charging isn't clear, but I'd bet on the former unless the bag is seriously heavy when empty.

Like HTC's Rhyme, the bag uses an external "charm" that glows when there's an incoming call or message, and presumably with a dedicated pocket you're not likely to be fishing around in your bag trying to find the phone when it does flash. [Springwatch via Born Rich]

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