This Automated Lawn Bot Looks Like A Killer Drone From The Future

Mowing lawns? Serious business. Toss your weed whacker. Do away with that clunky two-stroke monstrosity that is more mechanical beast than humble gardening device. What you need is a SpyderEvo LB1500 from LawnBott. Not only does it have a slick green finish that doubles as camouflage, but it's completed automated, so ambushing those troublesome kids cutting your grass has never been easier.

At 10kg, it's quite a bit lighter than your average fuelled mower, though probably competitive with push-powered models. The LB1500 is designed for yards measuring 930m² and it can run for three-and-a-half hours on a single charge of its lithium-ion battery. You can even pick up a recharging station for it, which it'll happily navigate into at the end of a run.

The going rate for this lawn-mowing, human-destroying robot is $US1799, or about $1735 in more conventional Australian monies. Unfortunately, it's not available locally, though personally, the idea of spending ~$1700 on a robot lawnmower isn't incredibly enticing.

[LawnBott, via Uncrate]

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