There's Absolutely No Shame In Wearing Pants With A Built-In Picnic Table

By adding a triangular patch of fabric to the crotch and a strategically oriented pocket on the side, the geniuses at Aquacalda have created these Pic Nic Pants — the perfect jeans for a complete dining experience wherever you choose to plop down.

When standing, the fabric is loose enough so you can still walk around. When sitting cross-legged, the gusset stretches taut, providing a stable place to put a plate full of food. And that side pocket is the perfect spot to hold a drink or cutlery.

Now if they could only integrate a Hibachi grill into the cuffs and a condiment dispenser in the fly. Wait a minute, are you sure that's mayonnaise? [Aquacalda via Likecool via OhGizmo!]


    uhh... yes there is...

      Yeah my comment was going to be pretty much the same... ummm... you can say there's no shame, but that doesn't make it true.

      Perhaps this is a hangover from a product announcement from two days ago?

    Does anybody else think that these guys are FRICKIN GENIUSES?


    anyone at all?

    yeah thats what i thought.

    I see a lot of people are growing their own aprons that reach to their knees so is the release of these jeans really timed well.

    These are Brilliant, if you're not having a picnic, then you can jump out of a plane!!! (AKA Wing Suit Style)

    where is the pic of her standing up? thats right there isn't one cause i bet she looks dumb as shit!

      She can't stand up, if u look at her foot, it looks sprained or something

    Where does it say anywhere that it's removeable ?
    Nowhere so you just carry around those food stains ?
    Nice thought but maybe not a good product line for the modern world .....

    Sit at a table.

    They would be great for a bit of MC Hammer-style dancing.

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