The Animal-Friendly Furniture For Your Furry Friend At Home

Houston-based architect Paul Kweton has designed the perfect chair to share with your pet. The Rocking-2-gether Chair is made of computer-milled Birch plywood, with removable ribs that allow you to customise the look of your rocker and a hollow inner-chamber below the seat, for your dog or cat to nap in.

This is the second full-scale prototype of the patent-pending rocker (which was first mocked-up in miniature using a laser printer); earlier iterations were executed in 2011. Kweton is now on the lookout for manufacturers interested in bringing his design to the mass market. [Paul Kweton via The Atlantic via Buzzfeed]


    Perhaps not so great for puss... I can easily imagine a cat tail going through the slats and curling down around the base, only to be crushed painfully as the doofus in the chair rocks back.
    -At lest with the configuration at the bottom. The one up the top seems a lot safer.

    Ozoneocean it's the same configuration in both pictures

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