Tea Set That Looks So Good You'll Stop Drinking Coffee

Not liking coffee is pretty much unhead of, but can you blame people for not liking the bitter and dehydrating taste? If anti-coffee people (and/or Brits) need their caffeine fix, they turn to tea.

And what's great about tea — or at least what I think is great about tea — is that tea sets make the whole process so easy! So tasty! So fancy! See, if you make your own coffee, you either need 10 million different gadgets to make sure you perfectly extract the brightness out of every freshly grounded bean from Ethiopia and Colombia, while maintaining the perfect Kelvin temperature using the circa-1700 Native American technique of rain dancing to score a good cup or buy an inelegant Mr Coffee that spits out coffee flavoured piss water. Ew to both.

With tea, all you need is a snazzy tea set like the Withmilk, which combines a milk jug, four cups and a bowl into one stackable retro milk bottle-like shape. Plop a tea bag inside the cups when you host the good kind of Tea Party and enjoy the even if it's crappy tea it's still good for the soul drink that coffee isn't. $US40. [Doiy Design via Book of Joe]

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