Sleek Fin Lights Wear Their Guts On The Outside

Sleek Fin Lights Wear Their Guts On The Outside

Created by British industrial designer Tom Dixon, these Fin Lights are a perfect example of form following function. The items that would usually be the lamp’s hidden innards are sleek and beautiful, displayed on the outside, giving the appliance its handsome look.

With slots cut into the bottom, the shade serves a couple of purposes, housing the heat sink, which is used to cool electronics, as well as providing light from a graceful package.

At the bottom, six LEDs are softened by an acrylic lens, creating one luminous beam. The fin light comes either oblong or round in three different colors: polished steel, bronze, or navy blue.

Dixon stumbled into design after a motorcycle accident left him with some time on his hands, and he started welding to try to fix his busted bike. He’ll be displaying the Fin Lights in Luminosity, his showcase of new lamps happenings at Most, a festival happening later this month during Milan Design Week. [Tom Dixon via Inhabitat]

Image credit: Tom Dixon