SKA Decision Delayed

The decision on the Square Kilometre Array telescope was initially expected sometime around March, and it had been tipped that South Africa, rather than Australia was on course to win the bid. Now it appears that those predictions may have been premature, as the SKA Organisation has instead decided to set up a working group to examine the bids. AFP reports that the SKA team has decided that it needs more time to assess each of the $2 billion bids for the world's largest telescope array. It quotes a statement that reads:

They noted that it is important to maximise the value from the investments made by both candidate host regions. They therefore agreed to set up a small scientific working group to explore possible implementation options that would achieve this. This working group will report back to the members at a meeting in mid-May; its report will provide additional information to facilitate the site decision for SKA.

Given it was tipped that South Africa was emerging as the most likely candidate, does this mean that Australia's hopes of securing SKA aren't quite over yet?


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    I thought it was always going to a working group.

    If you want the experts in Staronomee go with Western Staralea. If you after a cheap fix with political unrest a high possibilitee, go with Africa. There are numerous words for Staralea (Australia, Terra Avstralis, Van Demonsland, New England, New Holland, Hell, Eden, Nodd,) are just a few. I prefer Staralea.

    Hmmm....choose a site that involves multiple countries with competing interests many of whom have been at war with each other over the past 50 years. In addition, countries where corruption is widespread and long term stability is questionable at best and infrastructure is patchy, old, and unreliable or...
    Choose a site that involves only two countries (who are so intertwined that they actually share a military) who are arguably the two most politically stable countries in the world, minimum corruption, and top notch infrastructure on which to build upon.
    I'm surprised there is even a debate!

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